Retaining Walls

Our retaining wall structures are designed to retain soil at different levels and typically steep vertical slopes where soil otherwise does not stay fixed in place without some form of retention or support. Most often, our structures are installed in terrains where the landscape needs to be shaped for specific purposes such as roadways, farming, pavilions, and much more.

If a retaining wall is not designed and installed in the correct manner, it will not be able to resist the materials pushing against it and it will collapse. The soil type, weight of the soil, the best material for backfilling purposes and appropriate drainage processes all need to be considered when designing a retaining structure. This is why it is important to count on experienced engineers for the design and installation of retaining walls, no matter how small the project is.

There are many different types of retaining walls that are suited for different terrains and requirements. Our team is skilled in the design and installation of all kinds of retaining solutions to meet our clients’ diverse needs and we only make use of the best retaining products on the market to ensure a lasting result. Some of the quality products we use, include Decorwall® block, Löffelstein® blocks, Terraforce ® blocks and Grinaker Terrace Blok ®.

We ensure that the wall structure is sufficiently strong to resist the lateral pressure of the surrounding soil and withstand the desired change in movement when the angle of repose is exceeded. With specially designed retaining blocks, we ensure that surrounding soil is bound together by installing a retaining wall between the varying elevations.