We are a pioneer in the industry for a long time running. We have grown to become South Africa’s premier designer and installer of brick pavers in the commercial and residential markets.

Our success has made us South Africa’s largest and best known brick paving contractor, but it has not diminished our individual service and attention to detail on every job. Our employees are well trained, conscientious, and highly motivated. We hire the best in the industry and provide them with on-going training to ensure expertise in this fast growing industry. Only proven materials along with the highest industry standards are used. We realize that every installation is a reflection of our image as well as that of our clients. With over 50,000 quality installations already completed in South Africa, we are proud to list each and every one as an example of our work and we look forward to the challenges and rewards of the next 50,000.

Residential Paving

Our extensive selection of concrete paving products for discerning residential paving clients. Our range includes concrete pavers for pools, walkw ays, driveways, steps, patios as well as for water-wise applications.

Commercial Paving

Our range of commercial concrete pavers manufactured for the professional. See our selection of cement pavers for public spaces, car parks, shopping centres, residential estates, paved roads as well as our permeable paving solution.

Civil and Industrial Paving

core collection of civil and industrial products specifically designed for industrial and run-off areas. We offer a range for roads, kerbing, traffic circles, factories, specialized heavy duty concrete pavers, as well as our permeable paving solution.

Block/ Brick paving

Concrete block paving using specially developed blocks has been used successfully in lining stormwater channels.

In certain specific areas of application, block paving, with its cost-effectiveness, aesthetic qualities, ease of construction and maintenance and in-service advantages, is the paving of choice.